Spirit Forward

Salaryman  Japanese whisky, Licor 43, Luxardo Apricot 

Japanese Old Fashioned Japanese whisky, turbinado sugar, bitters, lemon, orange

3V A great, light aperitif to start  - dry vermouth, carpano antica, lillet blanc, lemon peel 


Strawberry Bliss Bulleit bourbon, strawberry, lemon, Fever Tree ginger beer

Ringo whisky, apple, lemon, ginger syrup, ginger beer

Hakushu Highball Japanese whisky, Fever Tree club soda. This is extremely popular in Japan. Super authentic!

Nice + Sloe sloe gin, lemon, cherry bitters, fever tree club soda

Ginger's Last Stand yazi ginger vodka, lemon juice, cointreau, ginger, agave, bitters

Salted Plum salted plum, vodka, fresh lime juice, soda

You’ve Been Served (Up)

The Elixir  Hennessey cognac, mint, orange, ginger, celery bitters, topped off with Fever Tree ginger beer

Spring Fever no.209 gin, jalapeno thyme syrup, fresh lemon juice, dash of bitters, orange twist

Tamarita reposado tequila, tamarind, fresh lime, chili salt

Pink Swag vodka, st. germain elderflower, lemon, aperol

Spiked Apple Blackbeard Rum, applejack, lemon, ginger syrup

Snozberry silver tequila, strawberries, licor 43, pineapple, lime


Sidecar Hennessey cognac, lemon, shaken, strained, served with sugared rim

Negroni gin, campari, carpano antica, angostura bitters

Sazerac Old overholt rye whisky, Peychaud’s bitters, herbsaint

East 75 gin, fresh lemon, sparkling wine

Grand Cocktails

Zengria red wine, sake, and a blend of fresh fruit juices

Kimchi Bloody Mary vodka, kimchi, sriracha, tomato juice, salt, pepper, celery bitters, chili salt rim

Coconut Mojito Fresh mint, limes, rum, coconut juice

Sake + Soju cocktails

Mugi Mule  Yokaichi Mugi soju, vodka, house made ginger syrup, Fever Tree ginger beer, fresh lime juice

Coco Berry Nigori sake, coconut juice, berries, organic agave nectar

White Peach Bellini White peach sake with sparkling wine

Lychee Martini Lychee infused sake, lychee syrup, lychee fruit

PUNCH THURSDAYS  - Punch bowls - the hit of any party 

(available on Thursdays only)

Shark Tank

Coconut rum, blue curacao, pineapple, lemon juice, sharks

“This is Sharks Territory”

Generous Dram  

Four Roses bourbon, yellow chartreuse, plum wine, lemon juice, ginger puree, ginger ale, bitters

“If I cannot drink Bourbon and smoke cigars in Heaven than I shall not go” – Mark Twain

 Around the World  

Vodka, sake, campari, St. Germain, lemon juice, grapefruit, sparkling wine, lychees

“I hate it when I’m drinking and somebody tries to correct my vodkabulary”


Tequila, Licor 43, lime juice, pineapple, orange, jalapenos

“On a scale of one to tequila, how happy are you?”